Customer Intimacy

It doesn’t matter how fast we go if we’re going in the wrong direction. Hence, we go the extra mile to understand our client’s needs and pain points as a pre-requisite for a successful engagement.

  • Cost, Scope, or Schedule. What are your priorities? Trying to achieve all at the same time will inevitably result in conflicting requirements and a mediocre solution.
  • Prototypes & Simulations. These are essential to refining requirements and understanding the tradeoffs between Cost, Scope, and Schedule. Prototypes establish clarity on assumptions, technology limitations, and use cases
  • Clear communications. We maintain an open channel and clear communications throughout the development lifecycle. We raise issues that require the client’s attention and suggest options and remedies.
  • Clean interfaces. Maintain a clean interface with other sub-systems and hide implementation details.
  • Long-term relationship. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with repeat business, not a one-time transaction.