R&D Partner

Koftech's mission is to help businesses design and develop novel and differentiating capabilities. Our team of scientists, engineers and technology executives combine significant depth in advanced technologies with hands on expertise designing and developing solutions in a number of industries including healthcare, security, legal, regulatory and financial. Our team brings significant depth in such technologies as machine learning, computer vision, image processing, data mining, big data technologies, natural language processing and physics. But we recognize that technologies don't solve problems, people do. Whether to help you understand a targeted problem, develop a new feature in an existing product or design a totally new product; we will assemble an A-team of smart creative people who will get the job done.

Customer Intimacy

It doesn’t matter how fast we go if we’re going in the wrong direction. Hence, we go the extra mile to understand our client’s needs and pain points as a pre-requisite for a successful engagement.

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Operational Excellence

Our workflows are centered around talented people empowered with state of the art tools and lean processes.

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Product Leadership

We strive to deliver innovative solutions that meet your needs as well as those of your end-users. We take a system-level approach considering the complete product lifecycle through design, build, launch, and service.

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